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Headline: Two-toed amphiuma, Juniper Creek resident
Subject: Two-toed Amphiuma (Amphiuma means)
Length:  646 words
Published:  08/24/2006

Headline: Tree frogs found in rainforests, N.C.
Subject: Green tree frog (Hyla cinerea), Squirrel tree frog (H. squirrella); Amphibian characteristics; Frogs & toads (Order Anurans); Newts & salamanders (Order Urodeles); Thirty species of frogs & toads from five families reside in North Carolina; Habitats; Listed species; Amphibian declines
Length:    1072 words
Published: 07/22/2004


Headline:  Turkey vulture: environmental service provider
Subject: Turkey vulture (Cathartes aura)
Length: 831 words
Published:  06/01/2006

Headline: Fort Fisher trip reveals a variety of birds to be seen
Subject: Personal experience; Bird trip to Fort Fisher State Recreation Area in North Carolina; Various winter bird species
Length: 712 words
Published:  03/30/2006

Headline: Based on descriptions, can you guess what bird this is?
Subject: Double-crested Cormorant (Phalacrocorax auritus)
Length:    591 words
Published: 12/01/2005

Headline: Birding expedition proves an eye-opening experience
Subject:  Wood Stork (Mycteria americana)
Length:    703 words
Published: 11/10/2005

Headline: Eagle sighting a breathtaking experience
Subject: Bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)
Length:    756 words
Published: 10/27/2005

Headline: Killdeer set up housekeeping at Williamson Elementary
Subject: Killdeer (Charadrius vociferus)
Length:    615 words
Published: 05/12/2005

Headline: The Great egret is a local favorite
Subject: Great egret (Ardea alba)
Length:    501 words
Published: 04/07/2005

Headline:   Great horned owl remains elusive night caller
Subject: Great horned owl (Bubo virginianus)
Length:    679 words
Published:  03/10/2005

Headline:   Bird banding discussion sparks curiosity
Subject:  Who, what, when, where, & why of banding birds and how to report a banded bird
Length:     859 words
Published: 11/04/2004

Headline: Fall bird migration one of Brunswick’s best kept secrets
Subject:   Atlantic flyway bird migration
Length:     864 words
Published: 09/30/2004

Headline:   Hummingbirds: From nest to hatchlings
Subject: Ruby-throated hummingbirds (Archilochus colubris) & Rufous hummingbirds (Selasphorus rufus); Account in pictures
Length:     477 words
Published: 09/02/2004

Headline: Encounter with a Willet
Subject: Willet (Catoptrophorus semipalmatus)
Length:     528 words
Published: 08/25/2004

Headline:   Patience rewarded with up-close visit from white ibises
Subject: White ibis (Eudocimus albus)
Length:     593 words
Published: 08/05/2004

Headline: Anhinga are unique, fascinating to watch
Subject:  Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga) description; Other listed bird species
Length:     896 words
Published: 07/08/2004

Headline:   Now is peak time to observe wandering sooty shearwater
Subject: Sooty shearwater (Puffinus griseus), pelagic species
Length:     691 words
Published: 06/17/2004

Headline:   When birding in the Green Swamp, listening is key
Subject: Beginning birder experience among seasoned enthusiasts
Length:     752 words
Published: 06/03/2004

Headline: Kites are flying high over the Cape Fear River
Subject: Mississippi kites (Ictinia mississippiensis) & Swallow-tailed kites (Elanoides forticatus)
Length:     741 words
Published: 05/27/2004

Headline: Opportunities await in open ocean birding
Subject: Pelagic migration; Gulf Stream; Cape Hatteras; Eco-tourism
Length:     559 words
Published: 05/20/2004

Headline: Harris’ sparrow: The accidental tourist
Subject: Harris’ sparrow (Zonotrichia querula)
Length:     495 words
Published: 05/13/2004

Headline: Bird identification: Tips and tricks for new birders
Subject: Using size, shape, posture, behavior, habitat, weather, color & markings to id birds
Length:     1565 words
Published: 04/29/2004

Headline:  Purple martin innkeepers are a dedicated flock
Subject:  Purple martin (Progne subis), non-game protected migratory species (neo-tropical)
Length:     990 words
Published: 04/08/2004

Headline: Awesome act of spring bird migration now underway
Subject: Atlantic flyway; What birds, why & how migrate
Length:     1164 words
Published: 04/02/2004

Headline: In search of the elusive American White Pelican
Subject: American white pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos)
Length:     396 words
Published: 02/26/2004

Headline:  The beauty of the endearing great blue heron
Subject: Great blue heron (Ardea herodias)
Length:     534 words
Published: 02/19/2004

Marine Mammals

Headline:   Migrant causes excitement and curiosity
Subject: West Indian manatee (Trichechus manatus)
Length:   1260 words
Published:  05/25/2006

Headline:   Searching for Moby Dick? Try looking in North Carolina waters
Subject:  Part 4 of 4 part series discussing Blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) & Sperm whale (Physeter catodon)
Length:    1484 words
Published: 02/09/2006

Headline: Similar characteristics make whales difficult to decipher
Subject:  Part 3 of 4 part series comparing the Minke whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata), Bryde’s whale (B. edeni), Sei whale ((B. borealis), and Fin whale (B. physalus)
Length:    2113 words
Published: 02/02/2006

Headline: Endangered, whales are now hunted for another reason: whale watching
Subject: Part 2 of 4 part series describing the Northern Right whale (Eubalaena glacialis) & Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae)
Length:    1909 words
Published: 01/26/2006

Headline:   Winter migration offers whale sightings
Subject: Part 1 of 4 part series discussing Atlantic coast great whale classification and characteristics
Length:  1486 words
Published: 01/19/2006

Land Mammals

Headline:  Life’s a little noisier, thanks to new ‘neighbor’
Subject: Red fox (Vulpes vulpes)
Length:      690 words
Published: 08/18/2005

Headline: The bear’s life can teach us many lessons
Subject: Black bear (Ursus americanus) seasonal behavior, description, and life span; Comparing North American bear species
Length:      1918 words
Published: 03/24/2005

Headline: Green Swamp offers continuing sanctuary for black bears
Subject: Black bear sanctuary; Population; Information for living in black bear country
Length:     1395 words
Published: 02/24/2005

Other Marine

Headline:   New discoveries are always possible
Subject:  Sea hare (Aplysia sp.)
Length:    1033 words
Published:  07/27/2006

Headline:   Octopus intelligent, unique sea creature
Subject: Common Atlantic Octopus (Octopus vulgaris)
Length:    816 words
Published:  06/29/2006

Headline: Seahorse – Most Enchanting Fish in the Sea
Subject:  Lined seahorse (Hippocampus erectus)
Length:   549 words
Published:  05/11/2006

Headline: Spending a day getting to know the Atlantic guitarfish
Subject: Atlantic guitarfish (Rhinobatos lentiginosus)
Length:    653 words
Published:  04/13/2006

Headline: Green moray eel a distinctive, solitary creature
Subject: Green moray eel (Gymnothorax funebris)
Length:    702 words
Published:  04/06/2006

Headline:   Pesky little barnacles have positive sides, too
Subject: Acorn (Balanus) and Goose (Lapas) barnacle description and classification – Arthropod phylum, Crustacean class, Order Cirripedia; Pros & Cons; Cut treatment
Length:      616 words
Published: 05/19/2005


Headline:  A different type of beach nourishment
Subject: Moon snail shell (Neverita duplicata); Gastropod, mollusk; Parenthood
Length: 842 words
Published: 03/17/2005

Headline:  Autumn comes alive: fall colors and seashells
Subject: Cockle & ark shells; Bivalves, mollusks
Length:    733 words
Published: 10/07/2004

Headline:   Do you see a boat or a slipper?
Subject: Atlantic slipper snails (Crepidula fornicata); Gastropod, mollusk; Experience
Length:    579 words
Published: 08/12/2004

Headline: Language of the low country is worth pondering
Subject: Auger shells; Whimsical common names for sea shells
Length:    441 words
Published: 07/29/2004

Headline:   Magical nights: Mix fiddler crabs, starlight and children
Subject: Tidal flats; Sand fiddlers (Uca pugilator); Crustaceans; Parenthood
Length:    674 words
Published: 07/01/2004

Headline:   Jingle shells: ‘Oh, what fun it is to laugh and play’
Subject: Jingle shells (Anomia simplex); Bivalves, mollusks
Length:    383 words
Published: 06/24/2004

Headline: The joys of tiptoeing through the (banded) tulips
Subject: Banded tulip shell (Fasciolaria lilium hunteria); Gastropod, mollusk
Length:    494 words
Published: 05/06/2004

Headline:  Scotch bonnet: Our official seashell honors early settlers
Subject: Scotch bonnet (Phalium granulatum); Gastropod, mollusk
Length:    405 words
Published: 04/15/2004

Headline:  The lettered olive shell: A first find, a special treasure
Subject: Lettered olive shell (Oliva sayana); Gastropod, mollusk
Length:    554 words
Published: 03/25/2004

Headline:  Seashell collecting: ‘kicking it up a notch’
Subject: Interview; Tips for identification
Length:    1199 words
Published: 03/18/2004

Headline:  Seashell seekers enjoy the thrill of the hunt
Subject: Best time to search for shells; Interviews
Length:    585 words
Published: 03/11/2004

Headline: Discovering the animal inside the shell
Subject: Mollusk classifications and characteristics
Length:    1437 words
Published: 03/04/2004


Headline:   Chicken turtle: Not your usual turtle sighting
Subject: Chicken turtle (Deirochelys reticularia)
Length: 900 words
Published:  06/08/2006

Headline: Mud snake encounter in the Green Swamp not too scary
Subject: Eastern mud snake (Farancia abacura)
Length:  852 words
Published:  08/17/2006

Headline:   The reptile hunter
Subhead:  Researcher documents Green Swamp’s creepy crawlers
Subject: Snake species; Study design; Forestry management; Environmental stewardship; Interview
Length:    2072 words
Published: 07/28/05

Headline:   All God’s creatures have a place in the choir
Subject: Sea turtle protection program; Reptile characteristics and value; Disproportionate protection measures
Length:     1001 words
Published: 07/15/2004

Sea Turtles

Headline:  Sea Turtle’s Rehabilitated and Returned Home
Subject: The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center released 12 fully recovered sea turtles
Length: 1173 words
Published:  06/15/2006

Headline: A fulfilling season of helping protect our sea turtles
Subject: Personal experience; 2005 season wrap-up
Length:      1309 words
Published: 10/20/2005

Headline:  Know the rules when watching turtles hatch
Subject: Loggerhead hatching events
Length:  546 words
Published: 08/04/2005

Headline:  Turtle season going fine despite increased false crawls
Subject: Loggerhead beach nesting
Length:      916 words
Published: 06/23/2005

Headline:  Local programs begin gearing up for turtle season
Subject: Sea Turtle Protection Program local info
Length:      564 words
Published: 05/05/2005

Headline:   Close of turtle nesting season greeted with enthusiasm, results
Subject: Brunswick County, NC beaches Loggerhead sea turtle nests and hatchlings results; Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center at Topsail Beach, NC
Length:     639 words
Published: 11/11/2004

Headline:  Turtle nest adoption well worth losing sleep over
Subject: Loggerhead hatching event; Personal experience
Length:    1814 words
Published: 08/19/2004

Headline:   Up close and personal with sea turtles
Subject: Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center; Sea turtle release at Topsail Beach, NC
Length:    1296 words
Published: 06/10/2004


Headline: ‘Where do the animals go?’
Subhead:  Environmental carrying capacity; habitat alteration
Length:  1026 words
Published: 07/20/2006

Headline: Everyday American lifestyle takes fossil fuels for granted
Subhead:  We can make a difference, Improving energy resources
Subject:  Part 5 of 5 in series
Length:  1212 words
Published: 09/29/2005

Headline: Mother Nature nurtures the five senses
Subhead:  We can make a difference, Improving biological resources
Subject:  Part 4 of 5 in series
Length:     1347 words
Published:  09/22/2005

Headline: The forgotten essential for good living: clean soil
Subhead:  We can make a difference, Improving soil quality
Subject:  Part 3 of 5 in series
Length:     708 words
Published: 09/15/2005

Headline: Water pollution: a real threat to humanity
Subhead:  We can make a difference, Improving water quality
Subject:  Part 2 of 5 in series
Length:      986 words
Published: 09/08/2005

Headline: We can make a difference
Subhead:  Improving air quality
Subject:  Part 1 of 5 in series
Length:  733 words
Published: 09/01/2005

Headline: Spring is the perfect time to establish a rain garden
Subject:  How-to (Stormwater pollution prevention measure)
Length:  1672 words
Published: 03/31/2005

Headline:  Options exist to reduce groundwater pollution
Subject:  Water quality
Length:  1851 words
Published: 01/20/2005

Headline: Do your part to stop water pollution
Subject:  Water quality; Stormwater pollution prevention
Length:  1597 words
Published: 01/13/2005

Headline: Now is the time to consider alternative waste choices
Subject:   Minimizing household hazardous waste
Length:   1415 words
Published: 09/16/2004

Headline:   Living ‘green’ helps save money and environment
Subject:   Ways to reduce waste, consumption, runoff, air pollution; Reuse & recycle
Length:    1171 words
Published: 09/09/2004


Headline:   Protecting our ‘Special Places’
Subject: Pine savanna; Carnivorous plant species; Isolated wetland; International Paper’s Special Places in the Forest program; Biological hotspot; Various listed species at home in the habitat
Length:      1832 words
Published: 07/14/05

Headline: All about salt marshes and tidal wetlands
Subject: The importance and benefits of salt marsh & tidal wetland habitat
Length:    989 words
Published: 12/02/2004


Headline:  Southern fig harvest: Consider yourself lucky
Subject: Common figs (Ficus carica)
Length:  961 words
Published: 7/13/06

Headline:  Beach vitex: Costly mistake needs rapid response
Subject: Invasive, exotic plant species (Vitex rotundifolia)
Length:  1186 words
Published: 11/24/05

Headline: Strawberry bush a pleasant find on fall excursion
Subject: Native plant (Euonymus americana)
Length:     563 words
Published: 10/13/2005

Headline:  Poison ivy: one of nature’s true environmental offenders
Subject: Invasive, native plant (Rhus radicans); Control; Remedies for allergic reaction
Length:      821 words
Published: 06/09/2005

Headline:  Native plants define the character of the area
Subject: Listed plant species; Why use natives; Effects of exotic species
Length:    1014 words
Published: 10/28/2004

Headline:  A great way to use your backyard
Subject: Backyard Wildlife Habitat program by the National Wildlife Federation
Length:    949 words
Published: 10/21/2004

Headline: Live oak is the quintessential southern tree
Subject: Live oak (Quercus virginiana); Environmental & economic benefits of trees
Length:  535 words
Published: 04/22/2004


Headline: Taking flight: A bird’s eye view and a new perspective
Subject:    (Airplane) flight instruction experience
Length:     1731 words
Published: 12/15/2005

Headline:  Archeology, paleontology, or just plain fun?
Subject:    Digging for shark teeth
Length:     734 words
Published: 08/11/2005

Headline: A Day in the Life of a Shrimp Boat Captain
Subhead: Day trip offers fascinating glimpse of life aboard a trawler
Subject:    Personal experience
Length:      1336 words
Published: 07/07/2005

Headline: Walk with Jo reveals secrets of Sunset Beach
Subject:    Beachcombing; Interview; Personal experience
Length:      665 words
Published: 06/16/2005

Headline:  Strawberries on waffles proves a sure-fire motivator
Subject:  Berry picking season
Length:      557 words
Published: 06/30/2005


Headline:   Carolina pygmy sunfish is small but important
Subject: Carolina pygmy sunfish (Elassoma boehlkei)
Length:     469 words
Published:  08/24/2006

Land Arthropods

Headline:   With spring comes the brown recluse spider
Subject: Brown recluse (Loxosceles reclusa) description; Arachnid; Habitat & range; Bite prevention
Length:  667 words
Published: 03/03/2005

Headline:   Butterflies and moths and insects – oh my!
Subject: Distinguishing butterflies & moths; Life cycle; Butterfly gardening; Cloudless sulphur butterfly (Phoebis sennae)
Length:    1467 words
Published: 10/14/2004


Headline: Test your environmental IQ
Subject: Multiple choice Q&A with humorous scores
Length: 1730 words
Published: 01/12/2006

Headline: Remembering the ‘good old days’
Subject: Reid Mcallister remembers his rural North Carolina upbringing (biographical essay)
Length:    2161 words
Published: 01/05/2006

Headline: Winter solstice replete with symbolisms of faith
Subject: Discusses the natural world & faith
Length:     767 words
Published: 12/22/2005

Headline: Long live the right to keep and bear arms
Subject: Personal experience; Heritage
Length:      852 words
Published: 12/08/2005

Headline:   Plenty of reasons to give thanks this holiday season
Subject: Thanksgiving; Personal and political oppression around the world
Length:    1262 words
Published: 11/17/2005

Headline: Sweet smell of honeysuckle rekindles childhood memories
Subject: Childhood summers
Length:      599 words
Published: 06/02/2005

Headline:  Calabash man a shining example of democracy
Subject:  I was captivated by Otto Schwartz the instant I met him.  His simple manner, which made him easy to approach, his thick accent that required my full attention, and his instant candor and honesty required that I share the remembrances of this most interesting person.  Otto’s life experience offers a glimpse into topics still relevant today – war and its aftermath, immigration, and life’s struggles and successes.  [The life of Otto Schwartz from WWII Czechoslovakia through today. (biographical essay)]
Length:    2292 words
Published: 12/30/2004

Headline: Photographing wildlife difficult, yet popular
Subject: Interview; Wildlife photography; Camera selection
Length:    1098 words
Published: 11/25/2004

National Interest with Local Connection

Headline:  One giant leap forward
Subject:  The Nature Conservancy’s purchase of International Paper land known as the Southern Forests Conservation Project
Length:   918 words
Published: 08/03/2006

Headline:  Audubon Society helping protect our natural heritage
Subject: The National Audubon Society action list, Important Bird Areas, web site, & local activities
Length:    1364 words
Published: 03/09/2006

Headline: Conservancy saving the last great places on Earth
Subject: The Nature Conservancy initiatives, values, web site, & local activities
Length:    961 words
Published: 03/02/2006

Headline:  Sierra Club a great way to get environmentally fit
Subject:  Sierra Club strategic initiatives, priority campaigns, web site & local activities
Length:    1118 words
Published: 02/23/2006

Headline: Great Backyard Bird Count begins Feb. 17
Subject: Citizen science; Great Backyard Bird Count; Audubon; Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Length:  987 words
Published: 02/16/2006

Headline:   Conservancy helps preserve Brunswick’s ‘Last Great Place’
Subject:  The Nature Conservancy’s ‘Last Great Places’ campaign – Green Swamp Preserve; Pocosin & pine savanna habitats; Pine species; Prescribed fires
Length:    1294 words
Published: 05/26/2005

Headline: Arbor Day offers chance to appreciate our valuable trees
Subject: Proper tree care; Arbor Day Foundation
Length:  575 words
Published: 04/28/2005

Headline: Some facts about recycling, in honor of Earth Day
Subject: Recycling
Length:    966 words
Published: 04/21/2005

Headline: The 2005 Great Backyard Bird Count
Subject: National Citizen Science project; Audubon
Length:    539 words
Published: 02/10/2005

Headline:   Zero waste: An opportunity and call to action
Subject: New Zealand’s pilot program to minimize waste – maximize recycling, reduce consumption, and ensure products are made to be repaired, reused, recycled, or composted
Length:     1769 words
Published: 12/16/2004

Headline:  Counting birds as easy as 1, 2, 3
Subject: Citizen science; Great Backyard Bird Count; Audubon; Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Length:     657 words
Published: 02/12/2004

Brunswick County, North Carolina Local Interest 

Headline:  Taking a foray into the Juniper Creek tract
Subject:  Exploring the Juniper Creek tract that is being purchased by The Nature Conservancy from International Paper with Mark Danaher, Herpetologist and Manager of Sustainable Forestry & Wildlife Habitat for IP and Dan Bell (Director) & Angie Carl (Fire Specialist & Land Steward) for the Southeastern Coastal Plain Office of TNC.
Length:   1047 words
Published: 08/10/2006

Headline: How to build the ultimate sand castle
Subject: Interview; How-to
Length:   600 words
Published: 06/22/2006

Headline:  A Brunswick County Arbor Day trivia quiz
Subject: Benefits of trees; Arbor Day 2006
Length:    606 words
Published: 04/27/2006

Headline:   IP’s sale places future of Green Swamp in jeopardy
Subject: Development
Length:    1126 words
Published: 08/25/2005

Headline: Courtesy Patrol welcomes visitors to Holden Beach
Subject: Clean, family beach
Length:    882 words
Published: 07/21/2005

Headline:  ‘New Jerseyization’ of Brunswick beaches a bad idea
Subject:    Erosion and sediment transport explanation – longshore currents & beach drift; Shoreline stabilization measures described
Length:      940 words
Published:  04/14/2005

Headline: Waterkeepers sound off on coastal issues
Subject: Interviews; Hot environmental issues
Length:    792 words
Published: 02/03/2005

Headline: An indepth look at the area’s ‘waterkeepers’
Subject: Cape Fear River Watch, Inc. (Cape Fear Riverkeeper); North Carolina Coastal Federation & Coastkeepers (Cape Fear Coastkeeper); Winyah Rivers Foundation, Inc. (Waccamaw Riverkeeper)
Length: 1833 words
Published: 01/27/2005

Headline:  A visit to Bird Island provides a quiet escape
Subject:  Island preservation; Disappointing   experience; Pen shell
Length:      511 words
Published: 10/06/2005

Headline: Coastal Water Watch proving there is power in numbers
Subject: Southport, NC group
Length:    1269 words
Published: 01/06/2004

Headline: Brunswick Citizens offer petition against proposed landfill
Subject:  Group – ‘Brunswick Citizens for a Safe Environment, [opposed to Hugo Neu siting in Brunswick County, NC]
Length:     1443 words
Published: 12/23/2004

Headline: FOGS & SWAT are busy fighting the good fight
Subject:  Groups – Friends of the Green Swamp and Swamp Watch Action Team, [against proposed municipal waste landfill in Green Swamp area]
Length:     1429 words
Published: 12/09/2004

Headline: Environmental stewardship opportunities abound in Brunswick
Subject: National, state & local environmental groups, clubs, & activities
Length:     1775 words
Published: 09/23/2004